Prequel to ‘Alberti Due’



‘ALBERTI DUE,’ (First Book of my Trilogy ‘Este-Oeste.’ (‘East/West’).)

‘Alberti Due’ is a coming-of-age story of two boys growing up in the Venice of the early 1620’s. Piero Cesare Alberti lives in the port town of Malamocco on the Lido, where he befriends Giulio Cesare Alberti, who has been brought to his island by his governess to recuperate. Giulio lives in Venice, and is studying at the Ducal Palace to become a secretary in the service of the state. Cured of his asthma after a summer on the Lido, Giulio and Piero, the son of an innkeeper, become good friends, visiting each other often. Shortly after Piero begins his apprenticeship as caulker/carpenter at the Arsenal of Venice, Giulio’s father is arrested for treason. Piero, struggling to come to terms with his favorite uncle’s crimes, acts as a valuable go-between Giulio’s family and the family’s father, who is in prison. Read the prequel which I have posted as a PDF on my site, free for you to enjoy as I introduce you to life in the late 1500’s of Venice.

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