Author’s note: Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my web site. Here you can find many things related to my trilogy, ‘Venice, East and West.’ My trilogy comprises the books ‘Venetian Born,’ “Venetian Crucible,’ and ‘Land of Tribute.’
The first book begins in 1572 on the Venetian Lido and ends in the city of Venice in 1623. Essentially, it is a story about the friendship of Piero Casaer Alberti and Giulio Caesar Alberti, two boys from different Alberti families, each with very different backgrounds–one boy, Piero, raised on the Lido, the other, Giulio, raised near the Ducal Palace to become a Secretary-Ambassador of the Venetian Republic. The story goes back and forth between the Lido and the city, ending with the friendship well established after many trials, each boy set firmly on his path in life, Piero destined to sail west to America, Giulio east to Constaninople.
The second book of their Bildungsroman begins in 1629 and ends in 1634, the two having gone through many more trials before parting to fulfill their destinies abroad.
The third book is the story of Piero fulfilling his destiny of sailing to America and settling there. it is also a story of hardship and testing before he establishes his family on the Wallabout Bay, the story beginning in 1634 and ending in 1687, after one of his sons sails to Venice where Giulio is waiting on his deathbed for him to come.
My intention is to create on this website a dialogue with you who might have read my books or wish to buy them. As I share with you all I have learned on my twenty-year quest to understand this time period, I hope you can share your insights with me. Hopefully, you will find my anecdotal information interesting and informative which supports these books’ historical accuracy.
What you will find, then, will be: An extensive glossary of both Venetian and Dutch terminology and customs, an extensive bibliography of what scholars call the ‘Early Modern Era,’ and numerous factoids that never made their way into the books.

These book is for anyone who likes what historical fiction can do to make history come alive, told from the close third person while also providing you with an overview and historical context that keeps the action going. For how history plays out is, in my opinion, much more fantastic than anyone could possibly make up.