Guiding Light

As a zeickentrooster, the ex-mercenary old Pierre Monfoort was limited in his ministerial duties. Most importantly, he could not interpret for others what the Bible said — primarily serving by reading scripture and consoling the sick and dying.  Which he did, primarily to Piero Alberti. Although I don’t describe the core of his faith in my first book of my trilogy, ‘Alberti Due,’ (due out this year), I do in ‘Land of Tribute.’ What I left out is best summarized, I think, by Oswald Chambers in his book, ‘My Upmost for His Highest.’

Here, in the reading for May 17th, on page 99, Chambers addresses the part of Christ’s life after His transfiguration dominated by a guiding light such as no one else before or since has experienced, including St. Paul. That is not to say, though, that Christ’s example, however unique to one with such power, did not inspire the ultimate sacrifice of St. Paul and many others since, including Pierre Monfoort.


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