2 thoughts on “Prequel to ‘Venetian Born’

  1. Hello, you mention a trilogy I can find only 1 book. Do you have his family tree pre New Amsterdam? Would love to chat more about your findings and writing! Thanks! la famille


    1. Hi Trish
      First two books of trilogy out in a month, maybe depending…set mostly in Venice where both Alberti boys were born, my ancestor on S. Erasmo
      He lived on the lido at Malamocco in the osteria I stayed at when writing book 2.
      I have no tree on him any further back than his great grandfather Angelo but it exists in the archives. My researcher found info back to great grandfather in archives of Malamocco

      Only other tree I have dates from 1600’s to present beginning with Peter Caesar Alberti arriving in Manhattan in 1635.
      Have you read Land of Tribute yet?



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